Featured Farmer – Jim Bean Coffee, LLC

The sweet notes of the aroma of fresh coffee beans fill your nose upon entering the Word of Life School kitchen, the home of Jim Bean Coffee, LLC. Jim Loutzenhiser of Jim Bean Coffee, LLC has been micro-roasting coffee since the year 2009. His kitchen has been USDA certified for one year. Also included in his LLC are his four sons. They are located in Norfolk and Omaha, Nebraska, Springfield, Missouri, and Cape Coral, Florida. Jim Bean Coffee, LLC takes pride in their family business, which allows them to increase their customer base for further success.

Jim Bean Coffee, LLC is not certified organic. Coffee beans are imported from origins around the world. Some countries have smaller growing companies that do not have the organic certification ability. However, the beans are raised in high altitudes with no chemicals. Coffee beans actually have a built-in pesticide called caffeine in its natural plant-based form. If an insect consumes it, their central nervous systems go into paralysis, followed by death (Pilar Floyd, owlcation.com).

Jim’s coffee micro-roasting started very small and local as he roasted some for himself. After a while, people started asking if he could roast some for them. People would buy a bag or two of beans from him, brew it, and thoroughly enjoy it. Later, the demand got so high he decided to turn it into something. He rises above common grocery store coffee brands in the area of freshness due to his micro-roasting process. Other companies expire about a year after they sit on the shelf. On the other hand, Jim Bean Coffee, LLC brand is roasted in small batches and delivered quickly, so the expiration is shortened to about 90 days or less. Jim believes the coffee is still good, but mass production where the product may sit on the shelf for who knows how long is not ideal to ensure maximum freshness. He went and did a blind taste with his coffee with a wide variety of coffees from other vendors. His coffee placed in the top three out of all of them, proving its favorable taste and freshness.

Jim’s coffee may have ruled out other coffee companies due to the high quality of the beans he uses. One of his types of coffee beans, the Kenya AA, comes from Africa and is rated as the gourmet coffee of the world. However, the great coffee doesn’t just stop with a bean. Jim has to get the perfect temperature in his roaster to get the perfect flavors. If this does not happen, the coffee beans will be burned and it will be a very dark, bitter roast. The micro-roasting process provides the beans with all of the ideal flavor potentials they hold. Some customers really value this as they truly care about the flavor of their coffee. That’s why Jim Bean Coffee, LLC ensures that you get the maximum freshness to have the best cup of coffee you can. He wants it to taste like it smells after getting the perfect roast.

Jim Bean Coffee, LLC continues to grow as it starts adding more locations to sell at all the time. They service O’Neill, Norfolk, Omaha, and Atkinson in Nebraska. In O’Neill, it is sold in churches as well as small business such as Wildflour Grocer. In Norfolk, it is sold in Lou’s Thriftway Market. In Omaha, he sells to LifeGate Church as well as Christ Community Church. His son also has a business called Stories Coffee that he supplies for. In Atkinson, he sells to a few churches.

On a typical day, Jim can be found in the kitchen getting his coffee roasted or ready to be put on the shelves. He begins by starting up the roaster, letting it get warmed up, weighing the coffee beans for the order, and starts putting them in the roaster. The roaster is able to roast 100 pounds in 7 hours. After the beans are roasted and ready, they are left to sit for a day in order for the carbon dioxide to degas off of them. If they are not allowed to sit out, they will cause the bag they are packaged in to get big and full of air. This is part of the reason each Jim Bean Coffee, LLC bag has a small hole in the bag for air to be let out. The other reason is for the customer to be able to delight in the wonderful aroma of the coffee before they buy it. When the coffee beans have sat for the amount of time needed, they are handweighed to be put in bags. Finally, the bags of coffee are delivered to the separate locations that are affiliated with JIm Bean Coffee, LLC. The amount of time and care put into each separate bag of coffee is what makes Jim’s coffee worth buying. Not a lot of other brands would take their customers into consideration with as much care and diligence as Jim Bean Coffee, LLC.

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