Featured Farmer – Allemang Produce

Bent over rows upon rows of vegetation in one of his three gardens is where Corey Allemang of Allemang Produce can be found. In his gardens located in Clearwater, Nebraska, Corey produces tomatoes, tomatillos, green peppers, jalepeƱo peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, radishes, acorn squash, red and yellow watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. Allemang Produce is all natural with no pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. Although organic practices are used, he is unable to classify himself as organic because he is not certified and there is potential for drift from neighboring fields.

The idea of producing his own produce came from a short chat with a friend two years ago. His friend, Arcadio Zapata, wanted Corey to produce tomatillos for his restaurant called Tu Casa in Norfolk, Nebraska. He agreed and soon began selling tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapeƱos also with the tomatillos. Now, zucchini and cucumbers are sold to Sakura Steakhouse in Norfolk, Nebraska. Just recently, Corey started his partnership with Wildflour Grocer to sell a variety of produce.

One key piece of advice Corey would like to share with consumers is that they should put an emphasis on the fact that locally grown food goes straight from farm to table. Locally grown food does not have the long distribution period that would normally be seen with commercial grocery store products. The major thing that sets Allemang Produce apart from commercial grocery stores is that it get picked fresh and ripe to be sent directly to market. This ensures that consumers are getting the freshest food with the highest quality possible.

On a typical day, Corey spends about two and a half hours daily tending to his produce. These hours include picking produce, weeding the gardens, and mulching. It is important that the gardens are weeded in order that the weeds do not overpopulate the existing plants growing produce. Mulching is also an important aspect of gardening as it stops the weeds from growing rapidly and helps with the soil temperatures. Allemang Produce hopes its customers enjoy their fresh, farm to table produce.

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