Vendors & Products

Burbach’s Countryside Dairy  is produced without the use of artificial hormones.  It is believed that this milk tastes better because the freshness is sealed into the glass bottles, products are pasteurized and homogenized on site at the farm’s own bottling facility. This milk does not get hauled in tankers and is on the shelf within 24-48 hours of being produced. Available only in a glass bottle, which can be returned to the location of purchase.

Sandhills Cattlemen’s Select Salsas offer an authentic bold taste. Created using a unique blend of Tomatoes, Onions, and Peppers, this fresh-tasting salsa has all the delicious flavors that are sure to please your taste buds.

Clear Creek Organic Farms of Spalding, Nebraska, believe that the health of the soil affects the health of everything and everyone that eats from it. Their farm motto is “Producing healthy foods for healthy families.” The understanding of the soil health has been a very important part for them. Our name comes from the small Clear Creek that flows onto our farm and joins in marriage with the Cedar River on our farm.  To our north are the sandhills rolling and covered with grass and wild flowers, to the south are the rich clay soils, fertile for crops.

Common Good Farm is in our 22nd season of growing good food through good farming in Lancaster County, Nebraska! We are a certified organic & certified Biodynamic®/Demeter farm – one of about 150 certified Biodynamic farms in the United States. In some ways, the certifications are just a reflection of our striving to grow the highest quality produce, eggs & meat through soil vitality & regeneration & conscientious farming practices. We use Biodynamic & organic seeds as available, focus on open-pollinated & heirloom varieties & limit our use of hybrids. We’re a mom & pop farm…food is grown from seed to harvest by Evrett Lunquist & Ruth Chantry of Raymond, Nebraska.

Davey Ranch Road  Ben Gotchall and Tammy Austin work together to make Davey Road Ranch the premier Certified Organic, Certified Grassfed, and Animal Welfare Approved beef, dairy  and pork operation in Nebraska.  In addition to operating the dairy and farm store at Branched Oak Farm, Ben works with the Gotschall family at Clover Cove Ranch in Atkinson, Nebraska, to produce quality beef  while building grassland health and quality.  Tammy raises pastured pigs and sells the pork under the Prima Pastora label.

DH Longhorn believes in quality meat. No hormones, and antibiotics are administered ONLY when necessary. Records will always be available to our customers. They want to provide the quality of beef that we get here in Nebraska to others who are interested in eating healthier. Their cattle are grass fed vs grain fed. Grass fed beef is simply this: cows that eat only grass, forage, and hay.
Erstwhile Farm are a simple folk, happy to be working together with their hands on their small family farm west of Columbus, Nebraska. The 200 acres of crop ground they farm is certified organic. Larry and Lanette enjoy raising a herd of pasture pigs, pasture laying hens, and always a big garden where they follow organic practices.

Hilger Agri-Natural Gourmet Popcorn  While no popcorn is 100% hulless, Hilger’s popcorn is as close as it comes! Popped traditionally on the stove or in the microwave, it is a fluffy family treat. This popcorn is grown from hybrid seed, but not genetically altered (GMO) seed. Daniel and Mary Jane Hilger grow their popcorn on their family’s 50 acres outside of Bellwood, Nebraska. Try the best tasting gourmet popcorn on the market today, grown to be of the highest quality probiotically without chemicals.

Jim Bean Coffee was inspired by asking Why not provide the freshest coffee beans most people would ever taste?  As a micro roaster, Jim made that happen. The beans you are tasting have just been roasted. Can the big bean companies say that?

Luckygreens microgreens farmer, Risken, is a young entrepreneur who loves gardening. Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs, which have surprisingly intense flavors. Microgreens compliment salads, appetizers, garnishes, main courses, sandwiches, or juices with their crisp texture, and vivid color, while adding nutrients and antioxidants to your food.

Marlowe Family Farms Chris sr  & Chris jr raise Grass Finished Beef and Old Fashioned Pasture Raised Pork in the grasslands of Northern Nebraska. On their “grass farm” since 2003, there has been no routine use of antibiotics or any other medications, nor the use chemical dewormers on our cattle, pigs or other livestock. Marlowe Family’s goal has always been to use the livestock and managed grazing to both heal and rebuild the land.

Meadowlark Hearth Beth and Nathan Corymb farm land Beth’s grandparents homesteaded in Scottsbluf, Nebraska. After farming together in internships in Camphill Villages in the early 1980’s, they knew agriculture was their chosen path. They committed themselves to sustainable farming early on. “We both trained biodynamically, which is a whole farm approach with the garden integrated in the farm. We love nature and wanted to see Nature supported in the farming practices”. Sitting at nearly 4,000 feet altitude, Meadowlark Hearth spreads out over 492 acres in western Nebraska. The site is good for seed production, offering a warm, dry climate and a high water table on the Ogallala aquifer with 140 acres of irrigated crop ground and 16 inches average annual rainfall.

Mosel Organic Farms of Page Nebraska is a Bio-Diversified farm that is owned and managed by Terry, Kim and sons; Simeon, Caleb and wife, Genny. They are committed to improving and maintaining the integrity of the land and environment without the use of pesticides, herbicides or GMO Seed. Certified Organic 1995 – 2017. They sell Angus Cross Beef (grazed on native pasture, cover crops and grain finished), Free Range Brown Eggs and Rotational Feed Crops. The Mosel Farm is also a dealer for Blue River Organic Seed which provides high quality seed and exceptional genetics specifically for organic farming environments across the nation.

Nebraska Mushroom is a company dedicated to growing edible mushrooms such as King Oyster, Pink Oyster, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Reishi and more. Owned by William Gordon in Grand Island.

Orv’s Acres mission is to provide friends and neighbors with fresh, flavorful, nutrient dense food at an affordable price, while creating jobs and fertile soil. The farm specializes in no-till permaculture growing methods. The farm is a few miles from O’Neill.

Prairie Pride Acres (f.k.a Prairie Pride Poultry), of Grand Island, Neberaska, is an all-natural, pasture raised, small farm. We provide healthy chicken, eggs, beef, pork and produce.

Red Road Herbs Retreat & Learning Center LLC is a three-generation family business located in rural Stanton County, Nebraska. The family has lived, worked and learned on this acreage for over 20 years. There are over 100 herbs growing in cultivated gardens and stands of native plants.

Robert’s Seed Inc.  is owned by Joe and Leisha Roberts. Robert’s Seed is a leader in processing, packaging and shipping of organic grain. The operation has been certified organic since 1991 and are certified to the National Organic Program by Organic Certifiers.  One of Joe’s goals is to see people make better choices about what they eat. He believes local, fresh and organic foods are vital to good overall health.

Sterling Emmer Wheat have grown USDA Organic Certified crops since 2005. A little south east of Comstock, NE. Emmer wheat (farro) is an ancient relative of modern-day wheat, low in gluten, high in fiber and protein and highly digestible. Emmer is hearty and chewy, with a rich nutty flavorthat can be used in stews, casseroles, salad, and pilafs.

Straight Arrow Bison, a family owned business from Broken Bow, is dedicated to caring for the land as they depend on it to provide healthy animals (i.e. delicious meats) to optimize our health and wellness. Straight Arrow bison are raised in their natural habitat on the plains of central Nebraska with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and clean water. The herd grazes on native grasses year-round, supplemented with prairie hay when the grass is not sufficient to meet their needs. Calves are left in the herd until they are ready for harvest. They are kept healthy by adding apple cider vinegar to their water source which acts as a natural parasite control and enhances their digestive and immune systems. To ensure a low stress life, the bison are field harvested in the fall.

Wolff Farms  is a family farm owned by Duane and Darlene Wolff. Wolff Farms, is located on land that has been in our family for 140 years.  The owner, Duane has personally farmed it since 1979 conventionally, then organically, always with the desire to stay away from chemicals.  He would never sell a product that he wouldn’t buy or have his own family use.  A large part of the farm has been put into wildlife habitat and they practice “promote life, don’t destroy it”.  All vegetables are grown using organic practices, and have become certified organic in 2015.  All animals are raised naturally and on pasture.

3 Points Farm, owned and operated by Christine Troshynski, is a small vegetable farm located in Emmet, NE. In addition to vegetables, it also specializes in garlic, greens, and hops. 3 Points utilizes no-till growing methods and hugelkulturs (buried wood) to achieve fertility and water conservation. The farm also harvests its home-grown worm castings from its very own Worm Wigwam.